About Us

We are a young and dynamic company dedicated to advice, consulting and management of hospitality premises with the ultimate goal of optimizing results and improving quality, keeping in mind the needs and possibilities of each establishment at all times.

Our team…
We have the collaboration of professionals with proven experience in the different areas of the restoration, in which we rely on to detect possible deficiencies in their business and correct them effectively.

We are a Hospitality Consulting that provides solutions, planning, management methods, ideas and support for the success of your Restaurant, Bar, Hotel, Big Events, Bars or Clubs. We look for solutions adapted to the budget of each client. It's time to call Hospitality Consulting Services and start the path of success.

Our team of professionals: Hospitality consultant, gastronomic advisor, restaurant advisor, marketing technician, decorators, works and reforms. This team and being in continuous contact with the day to day of the hospitality business allows us to have a global vision to give solutions to the problems of your hotel business and put it into benefits. 

New comprehensive projects
If you are thinking of opening a new restaurant, we will help you contact and coordinate all the professionals necessary for the project, the execution and the start-up of the business, including the selection and training of the staff. From the opening if you wish we can make a continuous monitoring of the activity.

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