Bar and Restaurant Consultants

We plan, organize, carry out.
Times have changed. The world around us has changed. People who choose a restaurant or a bar today no longer do so for the same reasons as yesterday, and this has changed the cards. Today, to have a successful restaurant, or a chain of successful restaurants, it is not enough to have a strong motivation or a family history spent in the Food & Beverage sector. To be a successful entrepreneur in the sector, today the strong point is the method.

Consultations for catering: a question of method

The BR Hospitality Solution offers a personalized consultancy service that offers, to the Entrepreneur or the Group who wishes to launch or relaunch a Local or a Franchising, the specific skills to optimize every single aspect of the project: competition analysis, identity of the venue, formulation menu, choice of suppliers, personal training, and pricing strategies. Because a beautiful location or a good chef are important, but being able to analyze in detail each item that contributes to the success or otherwise of the restaurant, is even more so.

Our services
Thanks to many years of experience in the Food & Beverage sector, we are able to offer targeted services in response to your specific needs (start-up, re-launch, food cost, training, marketing).  If what you need does not appear among these services, contact us without delay. 

We will analyze your need and give you an ad hoc quote.


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