BR Hospitality Solutions have created a space for fascinating gastronomic leisure and creating culinary masterpieces. If you wish to learn cooking and become a master chef, we are the place to join. Every guest will be able to learn something new from us, meet like-minded people, have a great time, enjoy cooked dishes and, of course, improve your own skills with a knife and a whisk. 

We try to diversify the range of our master cooking classes as much as possible so that everyone finds an interesting topic for himself. Believe us, under the guidance of our chefs only the most delicious masterpieces are made!

In cooking courses for beginners, you can learn the basics of the art of cooking. A tasty result depends not only on a successful recipe: you need to be able to choose foods and spices, cut and cook them correctly, and decorate the finished dish beautifully. Our team will teach you to experiment in the kitchen, masterfully mix the ingredients, discovering new and exquisite combinations. 

It is a versatile place where you can take classes and show your cooking excellence at different types of events. Our classes are designed so that anyone can learn regardless of their previous experience. We have summarized in a single place cooking class and a social experience, where under the supervision of a renowned chef, you will learn to prepare delicious dishes, then you can eat them accompanied by an entertaining conversation

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