Open a restaurant: start-up from scratch, restaurant design

BR Hospitality Consultants specializes in provided a wide range of restaurants, bars and other hospitality consulting services like organizing the opening of restaurants. We can realize your dream, from the design of the restaurant and ending with the withdrawal of the restaurant to a specified level of profitability.

To begin with, we can offer you a meeting with a consultant. The first meeting is free. During the meeting, you tell about your plans, and we will suggest you important things regarding running restaurants. If you already have a restaurant, we will offer you to make an expert assessment of it for suitability for catering, as well as the choice of the optimal idea. As you know, 50% of the success of an institution depends on the right place and concept.

After that, we proceed to the development of the concept, business plan and opening schedule. The concept is a technical task for all performers.

After that, we proceed to the design phase of the restaurant. Its result will be a skillfully developed technological project and design project. So, contact our team without any delays.

BR Hospitality