Business plan of a cafe, bar, restaurant

Development of a business plan for a cafe, bar or restaurant: we estimate the potential at the very start!

We elaborate all the manuals of your business as if you acquired a professional franchise, but in this case, it is yours. What manuals? Brand, interior design, cookbook, operations, human resources, owner and staff training. Think about the last time you or a team member had to complete a task, but you had no idea how to do it. In all likelihood, the task was completed only after investigating how to complete it (and wasting time doing it) or by interrupting another person to explain them.

With an operations consultant for your restaurant, you will avoid all that hassle and will limit yourself to what needs to be done, which will allow you to make the most of your time instead of working at half the pace. BR Hospitality Consultants can help you with:

Management and operational supervision services; temporary or long-term

  • Carry out Supervisions (periods, at certain times, etc.).
  • Executive coaching
  • Team coaching.

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