We can develop (or update, improve) a menu for any catering business, virtually any concept and direction. The menu is developed on a turnkey basis, i.e., with a full set of technological documents, recipes for cooks, photographs of dishes, cost estimates.

If your company has already purchased and installed equipment, defined the concept, recruited staff, but there are no specialists who can competently make the menu of the necessary concept- we can help you with the menu development and easily open a restaurant, cafe, fast food or canteen.

The desire to update or improve the menu in the existing catering enterprise is also a reason to invite the chef. We will analyze your menu, make suggestions for its improvement, add new dishes and, perhaps, improve and optimize the technology of cooking dishes from your current menu.

Guaranteed to achieve results

Probably the very first question that the owner of a public catering company asks itself, inviting the chef to design and update the menu - “Will it be economically justified?”

We had to work in various catering establishments throughout the country, and the situation in these enterprises was completely different. Unfortunately, there are cases when our cooperation does not bring any benefit to the founders. We make every effort to achieve a result, and give free advice after work, but sometimes they are in vain. Obviously, the most useful training and master class will pass without a trace if the restaurant changes the entire kitchen staff a week after the training, or high prices and poor service scare all guests away.

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