To open your own cafe or restaurant come in different ways.

It often happens that you already have a core business that has long been firmly on its feet. Maybe you want to emphasize your status in a new way, you may want to diversify your business, but, anyway, life is pushing you to this step - your restaurant. Those days, when it was opened only for its own satisfaction, perhaps, were finally passed, and this one- new for you- business should also be wealthy on its own, and bring stable, maybe relatively small, (well, it depends on what!) but income.

For opening restaurants, cafes, bars, we offer such services as concept development, business plan development, manufacturing technological project, design project, assistance in purchasing furniture, dishes, and equipment. We can provide services in parts: for example, we can do for you only a technological project and set up an automation system. And we can open your turnkey restaurant. In this case, we draw up a schedule of opening, provide monthly support for any issues that arise.

It also happens that the restaurant business that you just want to start should be your first serious project. In this case, your cafe all the more should bring a steady income, and the price of a mistake is even higher. That is why a reasonable tactic in the case of opening this new direction for you is consultation with professionals of the restaurant business and restaurant consulting. We have been professionally engaged in project management and coaching in this area for a long time and are ready to provide qualified assistance in this difficult task for quite reasonable pay.

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